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Biodiversity of Madagascar The uniqueness of Madagascar’s biodiversity continues to fascinate and eco tourists continue to travel safely across the Island. Madagascar Island has an exceptional diversity of nature and highest endemism on earth. Combined with the fact that much of its original forest cover and some of its most […]

There are many reasons to love the summer in Madagascar; beaches, picnics, boat trips, and cycling through the town. The list goes on. But one of the favourites is daytime drinking. Beat the heat with these cool summer drink. With both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit drinks as well as refreshing […]

An initiative bike enthusiast since 2005 offering a cycling tour across Madagascar, Cycle Madagascar offers mountain biking holidays, leisure cycling holidays, individual or group of cyclists. Tours are guided by our experienced German, English and ever French speaking Tour Managers. Find out our destination to the South, the East and […]

Interested in riding a bicycle. We welcome cyclists of all skill levels and all ages.Ask your questions and meet up with our Tour Manager for bike rides in Madagascar. Many people believe that now is the time for them to dyke their cars and get on their bikes. Cycling for […]