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Antsirabe liegt auf der zentralen Hochebene Madagaskars auf einer Höhe von ca. 1500 m. Südlich von Antananarivo, liegt die Stadt mitten in einer vulkanischen Landschaft. Die Region heißt Vakinankaratra. Der Namen Antsirabe stammt von drei zusammengesetzten Wörtern ‘Any sira be’ ab, die ‘Wo es viel Salz gibt’ bedeuten. Das Wort […]

Not fully knowing its potential when I came out here, it was only when someone suggested that for its location between South Africa and Réunion Island, Madagascar must surely have some epic waves, that I decided to look further. With little optimism, due to the shark situation, and minimal infrastructure, […]

From Bristol to Antsirabe: Cycling Madagascar with an awkward Brit Blog 2 – Pirogue Tour The journey from Ranomafana to the start of our river tour in Miandrivazo was not simple because of the famously flat and well looked after Madagascar roads, and we therefore had to stop in Antsirabe […]

Arrival on Tuesday 25 July 2017 After the most beautiful plane journey, flying over the crystal clear waters of Mauritius and Ile de Reunion, I arrived exhausted in Antananarivo. After getting through immigration in the airport, I was greeted by the friendly King of ‘Cycle Madagascar’, Klaus. To get to […]

Cycling – Climbing at the same time: most beautiful challenges in sport on tour It is possible to think of two activities at once. Cycling, climbing both of which you might succeed during cycling south with Cycle MadagascarTM. Tsaranoro Massif and Tsaranoro Valley, located in Andringitra National Park in southern […]