About Us

We are a small company running cycling tours in Madagascar for 12 years, and running tours since 1999. We are based in Antsirabe, 170 km south of the capital of Antananarivo, giving keen cyclists a good chance to meet local people, learn about their culture and customs, and explore the fauna and flora.

Reisen in der dritten Welt

Travel in the third world

Voyager dans le tiers monde

Meet the team!

Hary Razafimampanana is the boss, which means she deals with almost everything that goes on. She often will come along on tours as a guide, and is passionate about showing off the wonders of Madagascar to the world. She is most proud of having gone from studying tourism at university, to now being head of a successful tour guide company. Her favourite place in Madagascar is Fort Dauphin because of its unspoilt beaches and peace, and would recommend it if you want to get away from areas that are too touristy. After living here for so long, she still finds the cultural diversity of Madagascar incredible, with its 18 different ethnic groups, each with their own separate culture and traditions.








Christian Hosking is a temporary guide, a long way from home, originally from Winchester in the UK. Additionally he has been looking after the website, doing translating work and writing a blog on his time here. His highlight of Madagascar so far has been a surf trip to Toliara, and the deserted beaches and waves between Toliara and Anakao. When he’s not in the office behind his computer, he can be found with the other guides exploring exciting new mountain bike routes in the local area, or basking in the sunny garden with a book. His passion is cycle touring and in the future he plans to cycle from Alaska to Argentina, before settling down with his own business.











Dimilahy Randriamizaka known as Dimy, or Dimbo as he used to be called by his friends, tackles several roles at Cycle Madagascar, working as a guide, cook, and mechanic, and has been working here for 15 years.
His favourite thing about being a guide is the opportunity to meet a diverse range of tourists from all over the world, and getting to go travelling with them. In his free time, he can be found at the karaoke bar with his mates and a beer in his hand, and hopes in the future to travel to the US.








Hanitra Herinambinina on a normal day, will be busy working hard at her computer in the office, dealing with reservations, organising the social media, organising the accounts, and much more. She doesn’t often go on the tours, but she is working on her cycling fitness so that she doesn’t always get left behind in the office when we set off on the saddle. Her hidden talent is sewing, and when she isn’t beavering away in the office, she will be at home with her many sisters shopping, reading, or preparing their dinner. In the future she aims to be financially independent, and to travel to New York one day.










Mahery is the security during the day for the office, but over the years, he has now got involved as a mechanic and a cook. Before joining the team, he used to be a builder, and is extremely proud of having built and sold a house with his friends. Every Sunday he plays football, and would one day like to visit the beaches in Spain. His favourite thing about Madagascar is the sense of brotherhood that he feels wherever he travels, and how he can be welcomed into a community that he has never been before.








Tolotra Rolland is the head mechanic. Along with his brother, he has a bike workshop in Antsirabe, and is probably the most skilled bike mechanic in Madagascar (we would say that). He is always on tour making sure everyone is safe, and there is no bike problem he cannot fix. He would wholly recommend visiting the beautiful beaches at Foulpointe near Tamatave, and relaxing with a plate of local ‘zebu’ beef, beans, and rice with a beer in your hand. He has a love for motorbikes and is passionate about his baby daughter, who he can’t wait to get home and play with whenever he is on tour.









Damm the brother of Tolotra, our head mechanic. His biggest pride is his work, and everything that he and his brother have done for their bike workshop in Antsirabe. He is a talented cyclist, and especially loves mountain biking, although he did admit that a few years ago, he had a rather amusing fall, where he managed to mix up his brakes, proving that everyone makes mistakes. His future plans are to make sure that he finds direction for his  son, and that he does well at school.







Ismael Razfimampanana studies at school here in Antsirabe. He loves downhill mountain biking, but his real passion is taking photos, especially of people and capturing their emotions with his lens. He will often come on the bicycle tours and capture those action shots, set in front of his favourite backdrop of the mountainous countryside outside of Antsirabe. He has a secret love for motorbikes (although don’t tell his mum), and he wants to commit his life to helping improve the lives of people in poverty in Madagascar.








Germaine Nivosoa is an essential part of life in the office, and looks after the cooking and cleaning. She says that her favourite part of life in Madagascar is the ‘mora mora’ attitude and in the office she loves that she gets on so well with everyone. Her hidden talent is that she is a good dancer, although you’d be lucky to catch her on the dancefloor amidst her busy life at work and looking after her son at home.










Niry also looks after the cooking and cleaning, and together with Nivo they become a devilish duo. She loves that in Madagascar all the ingredients she uses are always so fresh, and come from so nearby. Her favourite places to visit in Madagascar are the beaches in Nosy Be and Tamatave. To relax after getting home from work she likes to listen to soft acoustic music while she makes dinner.