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There are many reasons to love the summer in Madagascar; beaches, picnics, boat trips, and cycling through the town. The list goes on. But one of the favourites is daytime drinking. Beat the heat with these cool summer drink. With both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit drinks as well as refreshing drinks for you during your holyday in Madagascar. There’s a huge variety of tastes out there thanks to a great range of beer and wine.


The place is not the prettiest but the service is awesome! The drinks are very tasty and fun. Madagascar has beer, wine, and taoka gasy (local rum) and so much more…The snacks are amazing! We have all varieties as chips, pistachio and crudity. All are top notch. Try masikita de zebu (kebab of zebu, Malagasy beef). All ‘Cycle Madagascar’ staff is pleased to share a glass with. These are what good times are made of, and The Bar is about the best experiences with the best time on tour.

You’ll find what you’re looking for and some more. Search by the occasion for hobby. Or if you want a seasonal flavour to your drink you’ll be able to locate that too. Maybe you feel like something fruity, or with Coca or cocktail keep looking. You’ll also discover a world of great beer: the history, the flavours and the craftsmanship in every bottle. But above all, you’ll be serving up great times with the best drinks.

After pedalling on different tracks, we have after arrival time for drinks. It is a place where you can drink with no judgment and have a great time. Either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, there are no limits. You can wake up and make brunch!

More other although we are far from the town and on camping life, we have bar during River tour. Enjoy a sun downer.

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