Bira descente 1st edition: the last training day

Bira descente 1st edition: the last training day

After months of organizing, the bikers of Antsirabe and all participants were on training day last week-end. Numbers of participants composed mixed of children, young and veteran cyclists from Antsirabe and the capital of Madagascar will participate during the downhill race in Ambohidava.

Once we arrived to the office, we start our final checks of the bikes. We take the tyres off and fit stronger ones that so hopefully we will not get too many stop on trail. We have a large opportunity to share coffee and talk in sound atmosphere with colleague. When all are ok, let’s go!

Our training day starts off with an easier bike ride than usual to make sure our legs aren’t sore for the ride on the track before the day of the competition on Sunday 29 January 2017.

Then we test the essential point:  jump, obstacle, junction, scale and slip track. Boys and girls are riding the track and everybody is joining our training sessions. It feels like we are riding in competition after having many hours of training. We start to chronometer each rider.

We are almost well trained now and can ride in one of the highest gears! We ride to a few of the local villages, including some we haven’t visited before like Atsimotsena, Ivohitra which are all so nice and lovely to cycle through.

The bikes are ready; we have done our best with the training. And now all we have to do is attach the number of each rider and set off on Sunday!

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24 January 2017

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