‘Bira Descente first edition‘ – a beautiful and great show

Cycle Madagascar™ is pleased to announce the final report of ‘Bira Descente first edition’. ‘Bira’ is a shortcut for Antsirabe, the hometown of the organizer and the sponsors. Teams, riders, any national or international amateur or professionally race series, here is the moment you expect.

Successful ‘Bira Descente first edition’ was a great show and success for all bikers, the organizer, and the genial public. The first downhill race in Antsirabe town took place last 29 January in Ambohidava Antsirabe. 110 bikers were on the start. The race finished under the rain.

It was a one-off experience of cycling race under the rain. The track was slide but it was not obstacle for participants. Mountain biking practice on ascent, dirt-track composed with jumps, drops, and some obstacles. Many fall down on the track, some go over the track block such are the scenes during the race.

As I relate in my previous articles. The bike race is for all genders. Bike with rigid fork, MTB with suspension these two different type of bike are authorized.

*The kids show the manner the control their bike. David eighth participant has the medal. He wins the race during 01:14 minutes. *For juniors (-18 years), Fabrice was on the top followed by Bryan. *For seniors (18-37 years), Tiaray Rasoavatsara obtained the triumph during 01:03:02. This was the best time record during the race. Rado Andrianoelijaona followed with 01:06:71 minutes. *For Veterans (+38 years), Patrick wins by 01:08 minutes. *The ladies participate also. There are five on list. Lalà have got the best time record for ladies during 01:21:28 minutes.

Cycle Madagascar™ official sponsor of ‘Bira Descente first edition’

A like-minded group of young people who love to ride through our beautiful region. They were present on this event. The main goal is to promote cycling in Vakinankaratra region. Cycle Madagascar™ is the Madagascar tour operator, producing a wide range of distinctive, cool, and enjoyable Cycling tours, Adventure and Sport tour. Cycle Madagascar™ is based in Antsirabe. For more details and to apply for the next cycling tour contact http://cycle-madagascar.com/

The program continues for cyclists in Antsirabe. Bike racing series are schedules this year. Vakinankaratra cyclism league organizes county race next 26 February 2017.


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February 2017


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