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An initiative bike enthusiast since 2005 offering a cycling tour across Madagascar, Cycle Madagascar offers mountain biking holidays, leisure cycling holidays, individual or group of cyclists. Tours are guided by our experienced German, English and ever French speaking Tour Managers. Find out our destination to the South, the East and the West of the Island.


Leisure, cycling holidays and wild track cycling days tours in Madagascar. On our track cycling rides, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the views and the landscape scenery, stopping to take photos and sounds of rural Madagascar as you ride. You can cycle on tarmac road through Malagasy national road or cycle on dirt road which is generally mountain village’s roads and path through the hills and forests.

Distance for each day of our cycling holidays and day tours are between 16km to 95km with varying levels of ascent. We will help you select the rides which suit your fitness and experience, allowing you to cover mileage but without ever feeling that you are on a race endurance ride. It is a challenge in hills to you.

Cycle Madagascar’s Bike for daytrips and holidays generally use the most recent generation like Rock Machine bikes or Cube bikes, as we find these more comfortable, better suited and perfectly adapted to  riders in Madagascar. They have great gearing high standard 29” and 30 gear hardtail for climbing the hills and wider tires and also robust brakes which make it easier to negotiate descents. Bike mechanic is also available on tour.

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By Cycle Madagascar TM – 2016-06-29

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