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Cycle Madagascar™ – momotas sarl is a Madagascar based Tour Operator bringing personalized service of cycling tours in our scheduled small groups or individual arrangements to you. We cycle on tarmac, dirt road or single trails to explore the life and adventure on the big Island.

Cycling is the highlight of our tours. We have some tours available that you can choose: cycling to the South, pedalling to the East and visit around Antsirabe town by bike. You prefer tarmac or dirt road, or a well-balanced tour – you will find it in our program. Each of our tours is a unique experience.



Cycle Madagascar™ runs significant tours on tarmac, dirt road and single tracks. Itineraries are often constructed to feel Cycling and also according participants want to enjoy. More recently, tarmac and dirt road have employed together to have more fun and develop sport sense.

Given the importance of your holidays, the bikes are important too. Therefore we run our tours on high standard 29” and 30 gear hardtail bikes perfectly adapted to the needs in Madagascar.

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