Cycling for Fun and More

Interested in riding a bicycle. We welcome cyclists of all skill levels and all ages.Ask your questions and meet up with our Tour Manager for bike rides in Madagascar.

Many people believe that now is the time for them to dyke their cars and get on their bikes. Cycling for fun is a highlight, for those keen to get the best out of cycling tour with CycleMadagascar™.


Choose the right bike for you

There are many different types of mountain bikes. Of course different people needing different bikes. Some people like tricks, some like races, and some like speed control. You will need to take consideration your own preferences when choosing the right bicycle for yourself. We run our tours with high quality 29” and 30 gears MTBs. Challenge yourself.

Never mind we have our bike mechanic cycling with his special tools bicycle maintenance and repair instructions close to you on tour. We all visitors and staff have fun where we could cycle more confident. The things you can do to boost your confidence to look and feel fun on tarmac is using safely your bike.

Enjoy the landscape is such a wonderful ambience

Destination Madagascar has a wealth of natural landscapes. Diverse and often unique flora and fauna create an enjoyable experience for the visitors. Explore these regions and sites by bike. You’ll be rewarded with unforgettable impressions, a profound sense of relaxation and a feeling of being at one with nature. Nature at its best. A diversity of species. Rare flora and fauna. All these things await you in Madagascar.

Lovely experience

Have a very good time here! You feel close to the local population with children playing in the river and people bathing and washing clothes.

As in the rest of Cycle Madagascar, staff is pretty much existent for the most part on tour.


It’s hard to find somebody that will share your passion for cycling and actually enjoy going for a bike ride. Perhaps we can help with our cycling tour to the south, the east, the west of Madagascar or around Antsirabe region.

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