Cycling is better for our health


As a human being, we need to practice at least one kind of sport. Cycling is among of the best ones for our health: cycling can improve not only our physical health but also our mental health.

We can improve our physical health by cycling at least during two or four hours a week. A good muscle workout cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal so if we usually cycle, that is a fun and good way to get fit. Cycling is also better for our mental health because it decreases our stress, anxiety and depression. But we have to take it in a regular way, for example, every weekend.

Cycling is not only good for our health, but at the same time, we can enjoy the nature, the purity of the air while cycling. I mean, we can take many advantages from cycling and we can say also that cycling is also one way to protect our environment. For example, instead of going to school or to work by car, why not cycling? It means that cycling is easy to fit into our daily routines.

So we can say that cycling can help us to protect our body from serious illnesses, it also helps us to protect our environment, and everybody can use cycling as a means of transport. Enjoy it!


Dants – Cycle Madagascar™


2016 – September


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