Join one of our small challenge-cycling groups or arrange your private program, starting daily from Antsirabe.

Cycling is emotional, cycling is relaxing, cycling is a pleasant sport activity – and above all, great fun.

Included services :

English speaking Tour Manager
Bike rental
Mobile Lunch Buffet, including 1 ½ l of mineral water per person
All entrance fees
Support car (depending on number of riders, limited to available seats)
Tip for local guides, etc

Not included :

Drinks except mentioned
Car with a seat for each rider
Private expenses

Small groups of riders or individual tour. Daily departure during the season from Antsirabe. Best season is from March to November. The prices are on an individual or group basis. Our groups are small and internationally. Join a group sharing your experiences with other like-minded travellers. Nevertheless, there is enough space to pursue your own interests. One of our Tour Managers accompanies all trips.

Individual tour for two or three cyclists

Per person69 Euro


Individual tour for four or five cyclists

Per person59 Euro


Small group with six or more cyclists

Per person49 Euro


Stevens Mira Stevens Applebee,
Rock Machine Torrent 70 and Cube Attention,
29“ or 27,5“ frame, 30 gears, Shimano Deore or higher, fork 100 mm Rock Shox or SR Suntour


How this tour makes a difference…

How this tour makes a difference…

The people in Madagascar are friendly and patient. We go far out to a rural region and we try to bridge the gap between the different cultures. We can learn about each other’s cultures and countries. We will give you a sense of Malagasy culture.
We limit the group size on this tour to assist in reducing both the potential negative cultural and environmental impact of our tour. We enjoy our interaction with different cultural groups in a spirit of respect and understanding.

Highlights :

The great value of the region – Typical landscapes of the highland – Andraikiba Lake – Sacred Tritriva Lake – Betafo market – Cycle through small villages – Great views – Learn about Malagasy culture.

Towns : Antsirabe – Betafo

Bike tour Antsirabe – Lake Andraikiba – Lake Tritriva – Betafo – Antsirabe, about 63 km including 30 km dirt road

The lakes should not be missed when you pass through Antsirabe, the two most known crater lakes are Andraikiba and Tritriva. On the way, we have the chance to enjoy the typical landscape of the Merina ethnic group, we pass first Andraikiba 10 km from the city. Of a circumference of nearly 5 km, one can easily cycle around it by just following the little path surrounding it. Formerly, this lake was an important centre for water sport activities. After we continue the fun with our mountain bike, we will follow a track to reach another lake, more spectacular, and full of myth: the lake Tritriva. Before even reaching it, we can see the Mount Tritriva emerging from the village of Belazao. This crater lake with its volcanic landscape is formed by deep and impressive drops. Nested at an altitude of about 1880m in the hollow of a small mountain, we enjoy our picnic lunch. After we are back to Antsirabe you may enjoy a cyclist’s massage. We incorporate a variety of modalities into your massage session to fit your needs.

Antsirabe – Tritriva Lake

Lac Tritriva is a gorgeous, pristine volcanic lake, set about 17 km from Antsirabe. The next village is Belazao. The lake has a volcanic origin and roughly 160 meters deep. The people at Tritriva tell some legends, such as Rabeniomby and Ravolahanta, two enamoured young people whose parents did not want their connection. The tragic story ended with the pair of steeply rocks crashed into the Tritriva Lake. Today it is customary that lovers at Tritriva throw rocks in the lake and require something. Extend underground streams that provide a paradoxical phenomenon between the Tritriva and other lakes in the area: during the rainy season the Tritriva has less water than in the dry season. Cycling up to the lake we pass by villages and fields that are gorgeous. When we finally get to the lake, we will be greeted by a host of children who are going to follow us throughout our time here and ask us to buy their gems stones and other souvenirs at the end. They’re perfectly harmless and quite good company when we’re trekking around the lake. The lake is in the shape of Africa on one end and of Madagascar on the other. Also, the shape reminds on a pregnant woman. To walk around the lake is a lovely walk. The area is quiet and peaceful, and the colour of the lake is incredible. Once we made it down, we can actually touch the water and it is rather cold. Apparently, swimming is allowed, so take in consideration to come along with your bathing clothes. Making this trip is definitely worth it.

Photo credits: © Momotas Sarl, Antsirabe with courtesy of our riders