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Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

How to get a plane ticket?

You can get your plane ticket from your travel agency or on the Internet. It is often useful to compare with Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways and Turkish Airlines, Air Mauritius or Air Austral have flights from many airports.

How to enter the country?

To enter the country, you need a visa, which you can obtain at the airport in Antananarivo on display. The period of validity is 90 days maximum and you must have a return ticket. It is possible that you may be asked for a travel plan or Voucher Requested. The name of the first hotel is also sufficient. Currently the visa costs 80,000 Ariary or 30 euros for a maximum of 30 days. These prices are subject to change without notice. Your passport must be valid for another six months. You can obtain your visa either in advance or at a Malagasy embassy or consulate.
To enter, you must also fill out a tourist card. Protected animal and plant species cannot be exported. However, for precious or semi-precious stones, you need a Certificate.

Is this safe to travel there?

If you are in good health at home, you can be sure that you will not have any health problems here. Local medical care is available in the big cities and villages, and doctors have, despite limited possibilities, a reliable reputation.
Vaccinations are not mandatory unless you come directly from a yellow fever infected area.

How about Malaria?

For malaria prophylaxis, Malarone is very popular. Lariam is no longer recommended. Ask your doctor. Don’t forget your Foreign Health Insurance.

What is the currency?

The currency is the Ariary (MGA). On a few points, the Malagasy Franc Mint is printed on the back, where five FMGs correspond to one Ariary. In addition, some coins are available in notes of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10000 Ariary.
Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, which are available in all major cities. But this is not always the case for all kinds of notes available. Also, it is not necessary to have big bills at the moment, you would need big bags to hold everything. The export of Ariary is limited to 500,000 Ariary. You can exchange (under exchange loss) at the airport before your departure.
Euros or US dollars are welcome as foreign currency. For traveller’s cheques, confirmation of purchase is required. Do not rely on your credit card. There are, however, a few large hotels that accept cards.
You can also, to a certain extent, stay at banks and withdraw cash from your Visa or Master Card.

Any recommendation about the telephone connections?

Telephone connections to Europe are good thanks to modern satellite technology. Roaming now works almost everywhere, but there are still places where it doesn’t work. You can also buy a chip at a reasonable price and use the services of a Malagasy telephone operator.

What languages to use?

The languages are French, English and Malagasy. The deeper you go into the rural world, the less French or English is spoken.