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Team presentation


Hary Razafimampanana

Hary Razafimampanana, this mid-thirty proud woman is the boss. She was is born in Antsirabe and has now two children. She deals with almost everything that goes on with power and humility. She often will come along on tours as a guide, and is passionate about showing off the wonders of Madagascar to the world. Her favorite place in Madagascar is Fort Dauphin because of its unspoilt beaches and peace, and would recommend it if you want to get away from areas that are too touristy. In her free time, she likes to prepare patisserie creations that are shared with family and friends. Also, she enjoys the cultural program of Antsirabe where she still lives. If there is a chance to visit a concert or an event she’ll be found there. She appreciates the moderate climate, the relaxed atmosphere and the relatively developed infrastructure of this city.

Klaus Sperling

Klaus Sperling says, ‘Cycling is the perfect way to show people our country’. Beside working as Tour Manager, he occupies corporate strategy, designs itineraries and tours and keep the contact to the business partners inside and outside of Madagascar. People may travel to Madagascar as here they experience things they can find nowhere else in the world. We have to keep in view the welfare of humankind and discuss openly about differences in interpretation. Experiences, freedom, dreams, discovery, shared enjoyment. And our dreams continue to come true.

Administration and Finance

Olivier Randriatsiatosika

Olivier Randriatsiatosika takes care of the Administrative and Financial stuff. Working here for several years now, he is used to discretion and efficiency. Therefore, he works also as a tour guide when needed and would like to be more on the road than in the office. Why? Because Madagascar is unique and incredible through his biodiversity and cultures. Getting in touch with the riders and the local populations are real pleasures for him when riding, apart from maintaining his own body in a good shape. His favorite place is Mahavelona. Frightened by waves, he can swim with no trouble in a quiet place.


Tolotra Rolland

Tolotra Rolland is the head mechanic. Along with his brother, he has a bike workshop in Antsirabe, and is probably the most skilled bike mechanic in Madagascar (we would say that). He is always on tour making sure everyone is safe, and there is no bike problem he cannot fix. He would wholly recommend visiting the beautiful beaches at Mahavelona near Toamasina, and relaxing with a plate of local ‘zebu’ beef, beans, and rice with a beer in your hand. He has a love for motorbikes and is passionate about his children, who he can’t wait to get home and play with whenever he is on tour.

Lovatiana Randrianantenaina

Lovatiana Randrianantenaina is also part of the team of the mechanics. Carrying the bikes in the office, he is also going on tours making sure that the clients don’t have any difficulty with their bikes. During his free times, Lova practices pétanque with his friends, but sometimes you can find him also in a soccer field. A very sportive guy. Apart from that, he really appreciates and recommends the visit of Andringitra region. That nearly hundreds kilometers rock chain in the middle of nowhere, with various species and which offers the opportunity to climb the Chameleon mountain. Later, he would like to have his own bike workshop.

Setraniaina Rakotoarison

Setraniaina Rakotoarison is a very serious guy. Bike is all he learned about. Apart from the body maintaining, he likes very much challenging dirt roads. The unique biodiversity of Madagascar as the “rano visy” or the natural hot water, along with the cultures are for him the most attractive in the country. His goal: taking part improving bike technology in Madagascar.

Nicky Randriamanjato

Nicky Randriamanjato is a young father. He enjoys passing times with the other staff members during the bike fitting. Playing drums is his favourite hobby. Leaving in Madagascar is for Nicky a real chance which allows him to discover new landscapes. Therefore, Toamasina is special for him due to the high number of boats boarding the ‘port´. Besides, becoming a farmer is an option for his future.


Aimee Rasoamampionona

Aimee Rasoamampionona on a normal day, will be busy working hard at her computer in the office, dealing with reservations, organising the social media, cooking and much more. She doesn’t often go on the tours, but she is working on her cycling fitness so that she doesn’t always get left behind in the office when we set off on the saddle. In Madagascar, she recommends getting away from tarmacs and enjoying the real dirt road which will not be discovered too easily than here. As she noticed, it’s only on the dirt roads where riding is a real challenge.

Photo and Social media

Ismael Razafimampanana

Ismael Razafimampanana takes care of documentation and photography. He loves downhill mountain biking, but his real passion is taking photos, especially of people and capturing their emotions with his lens. Besides, he is also in charge of the social media. All of our publicities are created by this young man. He will often come on the bicycle tours and capture those action shots, set in front of his favorite backdrop of the mountainous countryside outside of Antsirabe. He wants to commit his life to helping improve the lives of people in poverty in Madagascar. Reading personal development, romans, body building astronomy

Tour Managers

Naina Robert

Naina Robert is one of our Senior freelance Tour Leader who is working for us about four years now. Going on tour at least five times per year, he is a professional of guiding and very appreciated by the clients due to his maturity. He enjoys especially the countryside because of the smile of the people as if they don’t depend on anything he said. Looking forward that Madagascar will be known worldwide, will be an essential tourist destination and away from misery, he recommends highly the visit of the lemurs which are always attractive when passing here.

Castelina Marie Rahantarisoa

Castelina Marie Rahantarisoa who started as a trainee is now a freelance Tour Leader. Living in Antsirabe and mother of a little girl, she is among a traditional group of singers. Apart from showing the regular fauna and flora to the clients, Castelina is putting in the foreground the medicinal plants in Madagascar during the tours. The country has everything: fauna, flora, beach, culture, best landscape, sun, minors stone, fresh food. We have everything which fit with the clients’ desire of new discoveries, so she highly recommends the visit of the whole country. Cultures, culture, easy life land, of endemic fauna and flora, fihavanana are all she likes here. She mainly leads the Tsiribihina river, passing by the Pirogue and the Tsingy de Bemaraha.


Saholy Rakotomahefa

Saholy Rakotomahefa is our elder massage therapist. Rarely on tour, she is carrying of our downtown office as an elder. Even humble and calm, we can proudly say that she is a specialist of making cakes and cookies. What she recommends when passing through Madagascar is to taste our typic foods and taking a massage session as you could relax.

Salohy Ramaherisandratra

Salohy Ramaherisandratra occupies several roles in the company. Coaching the team in the daily stretching sessions, she is also a good therapist. Salohy is also a tour assistant who appreciates the bike riding, she is always on the bike during the tours and seems never tired. Mother of four children, she is still maintaining her body and stays young. Her goal? To be efficient and polyvalent as possible.

Hanitriniala Samueline

Hanitriniala Samueline is our massage therapist. She is often on tours, but generally works in our downtown office. When practicing massages, she improves her skills and helps the clients maintaining their health. The beach of Ifaty, is the place she would like to be when stressed by the daily life. In the future, she would like to be independent.

Cynthia Randrianasolo

Cynthia Randrianasolo is among our massage therapists. Often on the road, she carries the clients coming to our downtown massage salon. Sharing to progress and evolve through her job is what she prefers the most. For her, what makes Malagasy people unique is the way of living, not too stressed, going on slowly with simplicity. Also, she would recommend to visit all the ethnic diversity in the country which upgrade the beauty of Madagascar itself as for example the “famadihana” tradition in the Highlands with other forms in the costs. Any wish for Madagascar? It would be wonderful if the country stood out and the population could benefit from it.

Claudia Albertine

Softness and efficiency are her watchwords. Claudia reflects the Malagasy lifestyle in her profession as a therapist. Cycling is part of her daily life which helps her to stay fit and healthy. Mother, one day she would like to visit all of Madagascar with her children and show them her experiences.


Rolland Setraniana

Rolland Setraniana serves as a driver. What he appreciates in the Malagasy’s culture is the kindness of the population. As a driver, he stills in touch with the riders all along the tours then knows perfectly what kind of services they want to have. In Madagascar, he recommends the visit of Ranomafana National Park due to his numerous species of fauna and flora. Later, he would like to build his own company.


Dimilahy Randriamizaka

Dimilahy Randriamizaka tackles several roles at Cycle Madagascar, working as a cook assistant and mechanic, and has been working here for 15 years. His favorite thing about being a guide is the opportunity to meet a diverse range of tourists from all over the world, and getting to go travelling with them. In his free time, he can be found at the karaoke bar with his mates and a beer in his hand, and hopes in the future to travel to the US.

Germaine Nivosoa

Germaine Nivosoa is an essential part of life in the office, and looks after the cooking and cleaning. She says that her favorite part of life in Madagascar is the ‘mora mora’ attitude and in the office, she loves that she gets on so well with everyone. Her hidden talent is that she is a good dancer, although you’d be lucky to catch her on the dancefloor amidst her busy life at work and looking after her son at home.

Joelison Ramarozoky

Joelison Ramarozoky well known as Zo, also looks after the cooking and cleaning. Always smiling every time, he aims to become a professional cook from his experience in the agency. He is in the kitchen very early in the morning to make sure everything is arranged before the clients or staff’s arrival. Zo is a fan of the East Cost of Madagascar thanks to the endemic species that can be discovered. Riding bike is also a passion for him, especially on the road during the tours.

Nambinina Lucien

Nambinina Lucien is our cook. He loves that in Madagascar all the ingredients he uses are always so fresh, and come from so nearby. Cooking is all his life. In this way, he is always looking for new recipes’ ideas. The riders are here for discovering and challenging, also, they like our natural combinations, the reason why we should propose Malagasy foods to them. In his words: “I will make them taste something they never ate before, each region of Madagascar specified, and they will never experience it in another place in the world”. His favorite place to visit in Madagascar is Antsiranana which revealed famous foods in Madagascar these times. As a dream, he would like to rent camping-cars which will mix restauration, hotel and tourism.