Downhill bike racing ‘Bira descente 1st edition’ in Antsirabe

Downhill bike racing ‘Bira descente 1st edition’in Antsirabe

Mountain bike fans of Antsirabe organize for the first time a competition which is called ‘Bira Descente First Edition’. This bike racing event will take place on Sunday 29 January 2017 in Ambohidava, at about 7 km from Antsirabe town. Organizer, partner and participants are actually on preparation stage.  Cycle Madagascar team is already on recce.

Get ready earlier in the morning for the workout. We check the bike and choose which feats on each other. Brief test of accessories such as: break, the tire, the speed, the helmet, water and something else. Get feel that the bike is safe and ok.

There is enough time, to talk between likeminded people. Talking about not only riding but have open lines conversation between colleagues. I guess it is a fantastic and funny time to start this great day. Take a cup of coffee together before starting the cycle.

Ready, let’s start! We cycle tarred-road through the town before reaching the track in Ambohidava. We pass through the avenue of independence. Then we cycle across the abating of Antsirabe. And then we are here, on the contest track. It is a kind of mountain biking practiced on ascent, dirt-track composed with jumps, drops, and some obstacles.

We spend all day for track test, training, and meeting within participants. Exchange, play and also relaxation within fresh air, such are the atmosphere alike. We finish by having lunch together.

All cyclists of all ages can participate on this downhill race: Juniors (-18 years), seniors (18-37 years), Veterans (+38 years) and ladies. There are two categories of participation according to the bike you use. There is Class 1: BMX and rigid fork; and Class 2: MTB with suspension. See you soon!!!

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January 2017

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