Food and enjoy on cycling tour

We invite cyclists to not just enjoy the great visit and experience, but to live the Food and Fun lifestyle in each region of Madagascar.

Cycle tour has sense with the intention of bringing cyclists again having fun enjoying their food at lunch and the dinner table. Next to visit and cycling we also develop our own products with food during picnic.


Natural and fresh Food

We work together with local providers in the region in the search of ingredients in the markets of Madagascar. Together, Staff will prepare a menu which captivates the palate of the visitors with this freshness of Island ingredients.

Enjoying what you eat is one of life’s pleasures. But if you have opportunity to take it outside, or cook for someone who does, it can be enjoyable and unforgettable at any times.

Drinks and beverages

Today, I present the essential drinks that everyone should be able to take and enjoy on tour.  We who like drinks and beverages, we have some opportunities for bar. First, we pass hotels of our accommodation.  Second, we can have bar outside along the Tsiribihina River. Whether we are far from the town, we have supply and can enjoy as well.

Cycle Madagascar is not a restaurant . . .


But we do enjoy great food! Cycle Madagascar is an innovative bike tour operator offering award winning bicycle trips in the South and the East of Madagascar and around Antsirabe town, that are designed for cycling enthusiasts and active travellers alike. We offer unique journeys with longer rides that will satisfy your urge to pedal, while still leaving ample time to explore off the bike. Our company offers you reasonable prices with first class service. Plus thoughtfully chosen itinerary and boutique lodges with an eye towards experiencing the area’s sights, sounds, flavours and lifestyle first Hand.

Cycle Madagascar is Madagascar’s most seasoned cycling holiday operator. Team members having been organizing and leading bike tours since 2005 in Madagascar with German and English participants. Often copied, but rarely equalled, Cycle Madagascar opens doors to unique lands and exotic cultures. Discover our collection of bicycle tours and multisport adventures in Madagascar. We offer exceptional cycling tours that will leave you with fond memories and a lasting impression.

Nearly every one of our guides is local to the region they tour. Unlike foreign guides that get flown in by international companies, our guides treat you to local delights they themselves treasure. On a cycling tour, you’ll soon discover that your guide isn’t just a navigator — they’re a direct line into the culture, cuisine, and spirit of the land you’ve chosen to explore

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By Cycle Madagascar TM– 2016-06-07


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