From the Highlands to the Coast, two weeks to Toliara

Having driven the route previously to get to Toliara for my surf trip, I was looking forward to my final cycling tour down south. With fewer clients, I knew it would be more personal, hopefully less stressful, and I would get to see loads of stuff I could only catch before out of my cramped car seat window. The group tours involve more cycling days and more full days visiting national parks, and the incorporation of hiking days, which helps create a more relaxed feel to the trip rather than trying to fit in a two week tour in one week.

Miriam a dear tour manager who spent some time with us

Having already been to Ranomafana national park, I was still looking forward to visiting again, and especially seeing potentially different wildlife than before, such as snakes and frogs that were previously hibernating.

shop till you drop

On the route is also a hike in the andringitra massif up ‘chameleon mountain’, a beautiful region with shape of a chameleon visible on the vast rock. I am looking forward to great views, and maybe spying some lemurs in their natural habitat.

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