Journey to the south of Madagascar: remembering is better through Photographs

Cycling to the South of Madagascar contains a remarkable variety of habitats, landscapes, including humid forests, dry spiny bush, littoral forests, high mountains, areas of Inland freshwater and lakes. It’s an amazing holiday and travel for individuals and groups.

We cycle through some beautiful landscapes and amazing sights. The mountain in above photograph lookes beautiful. In Andringitra massif and region, we realize that valley offers another great view of the mountain from the hill top. We cycle through different scenery to get great picture anywhere. A view of natural features (such as mountains, hills, valleys, lakes etc.) to look at the things that can be seen where a person spends holidays here in Madagascar


What a wonderful country

Madagascar is unique: Lots of all known animal and plant species can be found, here, and here alone. These remarkable fauna and flora is matched by incredible diversity of landscape. You can go from rainforest to desert in just a few km. Few places on earth offer such an intense feeling and nature life. Making the best of, however, can be challenging. By the way you can improve your biking level with Cycle Madagascar™. Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest Island and its roads are dismal. But those who taste an adventure will come into their own: the dirt-road cycling is one of a kind. There are some national parks, ideal for nature photography and shooting also.

Why go?

Southern Madagascar is a wide-open adventure among some of nature’s most dramatics forms. Mostly empty desert harbours and national parks one. Miles and miles of spiny forest contain the strangest and most formidable plants on Earth. For others, a lodge in Isalo and a slice of beach in Ifaty are enough. But for many, the south is the perfect gate for off-road bike exploration. There are thousands of kilometres of dirt road, many of them reasonably good for bike challenging where we have breath any time for photographs.

By HHF – Cycle Madagascar™

2016 October



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