Now Stevens Applebee and Mira bikes available in Madagascar!

Cycle Madagascar™ proudly announce new bikes for you. It’s all because of you! Moreover, the results are loud and clear. Your request was so helpful that we decided to add two others new categories: Stevens Applebee and Stevens Mira bikes. Making sure, you cycle safely by bike through Madagascar with us.

In addition to our Cube Attention and Rock Machine bikes, Cycle Madagascar™ added some MTB Stevens bikes. The goal is to get real unforgettable experience by riding across the Island.

The categories you wanted to cycle with are available now: Stevens Applebee, Stevens Mira, Cube Attention SL 29, and Rock Machine Torrent 70.

Here are some technical descriptions you may need to have clear idea of what you hope to ride with. We would appreciate your kind consideration: frame size specific impeller sizes, oil suspension fork with aluminum shaft, reliable Shimano SLX / Deore 10 x drive, powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

Immediately after the ascent, the fun begins with the relaxed trail geometry of the Applebee. Not least, thanks to the adapted frame and wheel sizes. Moreover, on the way we leaves no time, because the equipment simply contains no weak points…

We carry the best offers and services of cycling. Go as fast as you want or can, feel on big ride. Getting huge advantage in most cases: accommodation, car transfers…and especially your bike during your visit. All bikes handpicked for top-quality.

Comfort is also required on the trail and the Mira offers the compact, lightweight aluminium frame. With a further reduced supernatant height over the fine-responsive air suspension, fork to the Shimano SLX / Deore 3×10-speed drive and the reliable disk brakes a large portion of it. 27.5″ or 29″ depending on the frame size…. Because increasing cycling comfort is essential for Cycle Madagascar™.

The first comfort issue to consider is a bike’s frame, bike suspension, tires, brake type, and so one… The correct size is an important factor for rider comfort. That’ way we schedule in our timeframe a short test ride before we start our journey. We have large bike choice available.

You always have a mechanic cycling with you on tour. He charges of bike repair in case of some problems may happen on road. For example, if you have a ‘flat tire’, you’ll have a quick reparation. Moreover, we present a directed solution to each problem. Our goal is to solve problems more quickly, and to assume cycling for fun on track.

hhf – Cycle Madagascar™
 2017 May 01

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