Gudula und Jens aus Deutschland, reisten im Oktober 2017 mit African Bikers

Wir sind gut und gesund wieder in HH gelandet. Es war wieder eine sehr interessante, teilweise auch anstrengende Tour, die im Nachhinein aber lohnenswert war. Mit Hary und Klaus haben wir die letzten zwei Tage noch in Tana verbracht und über die Tour gesprochen. Z.B bestimmte Tourenabschnitte die geändert werden sollten und “anmerkungsbedürftige Hotels” haben wir erwähnt und diskutiert. Weitestgehend bestand Übereinstimmung und wir sind sicher, dass es kleine “Anpassungen” geben wird. Die Organisation und die Tourenbegleitung waren sehr gut. Mit vier Begleitpersonen waren wir natürlich auch sehr komfortabel ausgestattet. Die Tour und Momotas werden wir weiterempfehlen. Schöne Grüße aus dem kalten Norden Deutschlands.


Ismo from Finland, travelled in October 2017 with KE Adventure

Anyhow the tour was great and especially the tour leader! Now I`m already home but I will still remember the tour for weeks and months afterwards. Thank you and Best Regards


Katherine from Great Britain, travelled in October 2017 with KE Adventure

A tale of two halves! The holiday: fantastic food, great accommodation, plenty of options for extra miles (I did 850km total) to make the holiday much more challenging than advertised. The off road is moderately technical in part so some experience is a good idea. Really great wildlife experiences. Hiking days are nice and challenging too which was better than I’d anticipated. Very close to village life as you cycle off road. The guide: Claus is an absolute waste of time. Rude and disinterested. As non German guests we were made to feel second rate with our briefings lasting half the time. I really did not like the way he spoke to the local guides and treated them like slaves. I would suggest travelling home no the last day. Although a bit of a gamble in case internal flight is delayed or cancelled it is better than killing time in an awful Chinese run hotel on the outskirts of the city! this is the only accommodation I would fault. The staff were so unhelpful and have no authority as the boss ‘is away’, everyone smokes in the lobby despite signs


Lucy from Great Britain, travelled in October 2017 with KE Adventure

On the first few days we had to wait over an hour in wet lycra to wait for the bags to come as Claus would not accept suggestions about putting the bags int he front van. he really was awful in almost every way. he was so rude to local staff and so lazy.

Comment: The group had eleven participants from three countries. Cycling capacity was different, sometimes there was a gap of hours between the first and the last rider. This required some flexibility from everybody. In addition, some of the riders didn’t show social competence / social intelligence.


Suzanne from Great Britain, travelled in October 2017 with KE Adventure

Great mix of cycling, hiking, sight-seeing and relaxing. The Good: Fabulous country with amazing things to see, do and experience – very friendly and welcoming people who wave and say hello all day everyday. Great quality bikes which were extremely well maintained. Great accommodation and amazing food – excellent picnic lunches. Great variety on the trip between the cycling and hiking and, after the first couple of days, plenty of time to relax. Lots of opportunity to do extra miles – or less if that is what you want. Lots of support – 2 vans and 7 staff – bus driver was amazing and made you feel safe at all times on some very dodgy roads. The not so good: Klauss the tour guide leaves a lot to be desired – we were on the verge of contacting KE after 2 days to complain about how poor he was – we learned to accept how it was going to be and not let it ruin our holiday. Bad organisation – arriving at hotel and having to wait up to 2 hours for bags to arrive in wet sweaty lycra as he couldn’t deal with varying abilities and point blank refused to take on board helpful feedback. Showed favouritism to the German contingent in our group – we found out a lot of info 2nd hand from them that he wasn’t telling us. Lack of information about what was happening and when. Treated his staff appallingly. The Orchid Hotel (first and last night) is very poor. Constructive comments / suggestions: The trip is definitely harder than the 5 out of 12 rating given – both in terms of the cycling (some very technical ascents and descents) and hiking – this was the view of all on the trip. If the rating was more realistic it would encourage stronger cyclists who may assume it’s too easy – currently, based on our group, it appears to attract people who were out of their depth and spent large amounts of time on the support bus. Accommodation in the City Centre (as oppose to close to the airport) would be preferable for the last night – given most of the flights are very late it would provide the opportunity to explore the city.


Nicola aus Deutschland, reiste im Oktober 2017 mit Hauser Exkursionen

Der lokale Guide Klaus war wirklich schlecht. Er ist selber so gut wie gar nicht Rad gefahren. Er hat so gut wie nichts über das Land und seine Kultur erzählt. Er hat die einheimischen Guides öffentlich gemaßregelt und getriezt. Er hat auf viele Fragen einfach mit blöden Bemerkungen reagiert aber nicht geantwortet.

Bemerkung: In der allgemeinen Bewertung der Tour, Hotels, Zelte, Reiseroute, Ablauf, Schwierigkeitsbewertung, Fahrzeuge, Begleitmannschaft, Verpflegung wurden jeweils 7 – 9 Punkte aus einer Skala von 10 vergeben.


Jo from United Kingdom, travelled in October 2017 with African Bikers

Fantastic trip – the team in Madagascar were exceptional – professional, flexible, friendly, fun and reliable. Had a great time & would strongly recommend anyone to join the trip!


Rose from United States, travelled in October 2017 with African Bikers

You work diligently to make this a trip we will enjoy and have no problems.


Mike from United States, travelled in October 2017 with KE Adventure

Cycle Madagascar is owned and managed by Germans. German attention to detail was obvious. The local manager came up to each of us, shook our hands, and thanked us for using Cycle Madagascar. We had up to seven individuals including the guides supporting the trip at various times. The main guide was a 23 year old English kid who had only been guiding for three months, yet he was top quality, paying very good attention to the details that made this a guality trip, and was an experienced rider. He spoke English and French. The second guide was a woman who spoke German and the local language. The individual who led up the rear was a strong cyclist and an expert mechanic who could fix most mechanical issues on the road. The food was great! The support staff even cooked meals on the spot for lunch some days. The lunches were good! The support staff were friendly.


Paul from Great Britain, travelled in October 2017 with KE Adventure

This was an excellent trip. Very well organised and executed through beautiful and fascinating terrain. Two minor points though: 1) It was advertised as being suitable for a “regular weekend cyclist”. I would question that. Some days were very tough and the day-after-day nature of the trip added to this. 2) The temperature suggested in the trip dossier was “18-22C”. Certainly in October this was far from accurate – I estimate is was more like 30-35C on several days. This obviously added to the point made in (1) above.


Susi aus Deutschland, reiste im September 2017 mit Hauser Exkursionen

Ich bin nun seit Dienstag wieder zurück in Deutschland und leider direkt wieder sehr tief in den Job eingestiegen. Trotzdem bin ich noch immer gedanklich sehr intensiv bei der Reise und bei Madagaskar. Das war wirklich ein tolles Erlebnis und eine perfekt organisierte Tour. Dafür ein ganz großes Dankeschön an dich und das ganze Team (insbesondere natürlich an Rova und Hery). Die beiden waren toll und haben uns 2 perfekte Bike-Wochen beschert. Wir haben es total genossen in so einer kleinen Gruppe unterwegs zu sein. Das ist bei solchen Touren nicht so häufig der Fall und es ist super, dass du das möglich machst. Dass das dann auch noch menschlich und persönlich mit Alice und Keith so prima gepasst hat war natürlich ganz besonders toll. Wir hatten super viel Spaß miteinander und haben uns glaube ich alle darüber gefreut, dass wir gemeinsam unterwegs sein konnten. Die Route, die Hotels, das Essen und die gesamte Organisation haben perfekt gepasst und es war ein toller Urlaub. Wir haben das Land von einer ganz besonderen Seite und sehr intensiv erlebt und nehmen viele Eindrücke mit. Mit dem MTB ist man ja ‘mitten drin’ – und das hat uns super viel Spaß gemacht. Insbesondere die letzten Tage am Meer (die Alice und Keith ja leider nicht so genießen konnten wie ich) haben die Reise super schön abgerundet. Das Hotel war ziemlich leer und daher alles sehr persönlich und individuell. Und die Lage direkt am indischen Ozean natürlich ein Traum. :-). Insofern bin ich mit einem zufriedenen Lächeln nach Hause gefahren und empfehle natürlich die Tour aber auch Madagaskar sehr gerne weiter.


Alice and Keith, GB and US, travelled in September 2017 with African Bikers

Great trip! Mix of cycling and hiking was very good, and accommodation was excellent! Best accommodation that we’ve had on a cycling tour anywhere! And great food too – that French influence was very welcome when it came to dessert time!

One thing is that I think you need an absolute minimum of 100 Euros spending money initially. We spent around 200 Euros each, buying very few souvenirs. A bit of laundry here, a beer at lunch (and maybe one at the end of the day :-), small tips for guys carrying bags to the rooms, tips for guides on the hiking days, a Snickers one day as a special treat – it all quickly adds up! We felt like we were often searching for an ATM or somewhere to change $/Euros…

And for someone like our fun-loving, friendly partner on this trip, Supa Susi – who loved a bit shopping at every opportunity (and why not??) – 300 or 400 Euros may be the right amount of cash to bring, ready to exchange as necessary.

All in all, a very memorable, very enjoyable trip!


Diana from United States, travelled in July 2017 with KE Adventure

Overall a brilliant trip. however prepare for technical off-road cycling, Prepare for technical off road dirt roads and hills. Country is beautiful, bikes are really decent, staff good but needs more training. Only hope you do not have the owner Klaus as your guide. A nice man but not well suited to be a leader. Very chilly in first section, then warms up as you go into low country. Very basic accommodations, spotty electricity and wifi, basic food


Gerd aus Deutschland, reiste im April 2017 mit Hauser Exkursionen

Wir sind seit gestern am Meer. Vielen Dank noch einmal für die Organisation dieser wirklich ganz fantastischen Reise. Ich war ja anfangs ein bisschen skeptisch ob das so spannend ist hier. Aber du hattest nicht zu viel versprochen. Madagaskar ist überwältigend. Offen gesagt: Eine bessere Betreuung kann ich mir nicht vorstellen.


Christoph und Maria aus Österreich, reisten im April 2017 mit African Bikers

Madagaskar zu erkunden ist, meiner Meinung nach, per Rad die allerbeste Möglichkeit.

Die individuelle und herzliche Rundumbetreuung des Teams vor Ort war einmalig!!!


Sandra und Jan Marius aus Deutschland, reisten im April 2017 mit African Bikers

Die gesammte Reise war von Anfang bis Ende toll organisiert. Sowohl von Ihnen (African bikers) als auch von cycle Madagascar. Die Radreise war sensationell! Fahrräder in einem sehr guten Zustand, das Essen war klasse und die Unterkünfte gut, 2 davon besonders schön (Lac Hotel und Tsara Camp). Die Strecke war landschaftlich abwechslungsreich wunderschön, sowohl die Asphalt- als auch die Pisten ließen sich sehr gut fahren. Auch die Wanderungen an den fahrradfreien Tagen haben Spass gemacht. Ein ganz großes Lob an das Team von Cycle-Madagascar für die Ausarbeitung dieser Route. Hary und Ihre Jungs haben mit Sicherheit ein großes Stück dazu beigetragen, das ganze zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebniss zu machen.


Matt from Great Britain, travelled in March 2017 with KE Adventure

Landscape, people, smooth road cycling, challenging off-road cycling, ease off removing or adding kilometres to the itinerary, excellent quality of hotels.


David from Great Britain, travelled in March 2017 with KE Adventure

Off-beat, off-road, off-the-scale. Once out of the rackety colonial city of Antsirabe, unfrequented roads and rough dirt tracks take you through a succession of spectacular filmsets: Middle Earth with rice paddies, a rainforest teeming with lemurs and chameleons, the American West (with sapphire prospectors and mountains like a mini-Yosemite) and an Indian Ocean beach featuring sail-powered fishing canoes by day and myriad stars by night. You will be welcomed by people who know the uses of standing stones, who steal and sacrifice oxen, who have never seen a movie screen (for there are none in Madagascar) and who take direction from ancestors in their dreams. Local manufactures are demonstrated. Poverty is everywhere, but so too is human dignity and the enjoyment of life. This professionally-run trip, developed over several years by a German settled in Madagascar, offers competent mountain-bikers the opportunity to experience a unique biosphere and culture before large-scale tourism begins. The mountain bikes are of good quality, and excellently maintained. The schedule is flexible, allowing for extra kilometres on the bike or extra time in the support bus. Food and accommodation are at least serviceable, often better. The beach hotel at the end is quite special, and more than makes up for any hardship along the way. I went in March/April and didn’t regret it my early-season choice: there were occasional thundershowers, but the flowers were out and we had most of the sites (and some of the hotels) to ourselves. Madagascar, like its people, is in some respects a blend of Africa and Asia. If you are contemplating a bike tour in either continent, you’d be hard pressed to beat this one.


Herbert aus Österreich, reiste im März 2017 mit Hauser Exkursionen

Die Reise war perfekt organisiert, und ich kann sie jeden Radfreak mit guter Kondition empfehlen.