Tritriva Lake, spectacular, and full of myth


LacbTritirvaBeautiful volcanic origin lake with dark colour because of its considerable depth at obout160 m. Tritriva Lake located about 27 km from Antsirabe; it is a beautiful place for bike riding. There is an alternation of dirt road and tarmac to get there. The challenging track passes through the village of Belazao and right after it ascents the Tritriva mountain. Tritriva is an important highlight of cycling holydays.
We start cycling in the morning and pass through different landscape of Antsirabe region before the visit of the Lake which is the main goal of this day.

This crater Tritriva Lake is the most famous of Madagascar, where the water level rises during the dry season and decreases during the rainy season while Tritriva Lake has only little water.

People of Tritriva Lake tell the legend of Rabeniomby and Ravolahanta, two young people fallen in love, whose parents forbid their relationship. He came from a noble family, but she had only poor parentage. The mythical story ends with the couple jumping down into Tritriva Lake together forever unified in death. As legend has it, they came back in shape of a tree, which has been staying solely and without any other green at the side of the lake until the area was reforested.

The lake’s shape shows the map of Madagascar.

Swimming there is a really good idea. And canoeing is possible too.

Today it is customary that lovers at Tritriva throw rocks in the lake and require something. Extend underground streams that provide a paradoxical phenomenon between the Tritriva and other lakes in the area: during the rainy season the Tritriva has less water than in the dry season.

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