Vakinankaratra region – Open cycling session 2017

Vakinankaratra region – Open cycling session 2017:

‘X-Country’ highly entertaining bike race

‘Vakinankaratra Cycling League’ organizes the first bicycle racing for this year 2017. It took place last February 26 at East Park velodrome of Antsirabe, well known as ‘Park de l’Est’ for resident of the region. It was a highly entertaining format on velodrome for cyclists and for public too.

The distinctive name ‘X-Country’ cycling race is given by the leader of ‘Vakinankaratra Cycling League’. It means an extreme level of bike race in the region according to their president, Mr Andriamarohaja Bien Aimée. The racetrack is composed of three extreme highlight such us: uphill, downhill and flat track. Participants keep endlessly cycling round loop of 800 meters on velodrome except for the kids.

The goal is to open cycling session 2017 in Vakinankaratra region. The target audience are mostly the young people. Their priority is to fight against tabagism and indolence by promoting cycling for young people. Cycle MadagascarTM shares the same goal and has supported in different manner.

‘X-Country’ was a highly entertaining format on velodrome

The show starts earlier in the morning. Inscription on organizer side, bike test on cyclist side, place arranging for public side: such is the scene of arriving time. Then the organizer open officially the event by a general briefing. Before they dispatch the ensign of the event. And right know cyclists get ready for the ride. Hundreds of cyclists are registered on the list of participant. They are generally cyclists from Vakinankaratra region, especially from Betafo, Ambano and Antsirabe. But the neighbours from Analamanga region have participated also.

Participants were divided into four categories. Each category has the same start. No timing defined in advance, nor running time to reach exactly but who arrive at the first time will win the race.

As entertainment is the highlight of the event. Organizers try to define the racetrack to get more cycling for fun. For example, the kids have a special racetrack: simple and short. Benjamin starts at 09:00 o’clock in the morning.

Women participate actively in cycling activities of Vakinankaratra region.  15 km of flat track requires 15 cycling round loops of the velodrome. Twelve women were on start while four of them give up and leave the racetrack because of injury and tiredness.

The Track cycling course measures 30 kilometres in total for men. There has been veteran and senior cyclist. This class is suitable for licensed and non-licensed riders prior to the normal fun ride. During 25 round loops, the cyclist have to maintain endurance to ride on flat track, and then play his brake to slow downhill, and also climb uphill with considering that his rival is just coming beside. Roger, cyclist of Antsirabe wins the top position for men.

Vakinkaratra Cycling League, local cycle clubs, and local tour operator organize regular rides on and off-road. They are always keen for new people to take part. Do not hesitate to practice cycle and spend entertain time cycling with us.

The show finishes by trump awards to winners. ‘Vakinankaratra Cycling League’ thanks all partners for their encouragement, help, and support given to the cyclist of Vakinanakaratra region.



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2017 March 01


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